One does not simply read the Privacy Policy (though maybe you should?)

Your privacy is important to you and you care about who uses your data. So I imagine you'd like to know when and why it’s used. This notice is here to let you know that I respect your privacy, and will only use any data I collect on you in ways described here (all in line with your legal rights).

Information about myself

David HR Design

Your information

I’ll mainly use your name and email address to email you. Probably in much the same way you’ll use mine. I won’t share your email address with any third parties, unless you’ve agreed you’d like me to make contact.


This site uses Google Analytics to monitor its visitors and work out how you all use the site. Google’s Privacy Policy is available at can opt-out from having your data collected by disabling the tracking.

Cookies Policy

Cookies are like a little tracker that attaches every time you visit a site. If you browse my site I assume you’re all okay with this. If not, you can disable them on whichever device you’re using in the settings or options menu in your browser. You can also delete any that are already stored. None of the cookies I have identify you personally.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy may update in line with any website changes I make and/or if requested by law. I assume that you’ll accept any such changes if you continue to use my services. If you don’t, please stop using them.

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