TV Series | Assistant Graphic Designer

October 2023

While struggling to adjust to life on Earth, Knuckles the Echidna takes on Wade Whipple as his apprentice, training him in the ways of the Echidna to help him prepare for a bowling tournament in Reno, Nevada where his estranged father will be competing. During their journey, Wade reunites with his mother and sister, while Knuckles is pursued by a former agent of Dr. Robotnik, who now seeks to take his power for himself.



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Production Design

Production Designer:

Luke Freeborn

Art Director:

Adam Squires

Set Decorator

Daniel Vincze

Prop Master

Prop Dressers

Graphic Team

Graphic Art Dir:

Julian Nix

Lead Graphic Designer:

Graphic Designer:

David Ahern, Gaby Leon

Ass. Graphic Designer:

David Hamilton-Richardson, Mhari Glober