Secret Invasion

TV Series | Assistant Graphic Designer

February 2022

As part of the Secret Invasion Gfx team, our job was to deliver the graphic needs of Marvels slick spy thriller, that sees the one and only Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) battle in the shadows against shapeshifting aliens, and a conspiracy to gain control of Earth by posing as different humans around the world. Graphic style: Modern physical and screen graphic design across multiple languages and settings for a Spy/hi-tech dark super-hero thriller.


Marvel Studios

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Production Design

Production Designer:

Frank Walsh

Art Director:

Tim Blake, John Frankish

Set Decorator

Adrian Anscombe, Natacha Du Pont de Bie

Prop Master

Prop Dressers

Graphic Team

Graphic Art Dir:

Kaush Bharti

Lead Graphic Designer:

Laura Whitehouse

Graphic Designer:

Chloe Hardy

Ass. Graphic Designer:

David Hamilton-Richardson, Tabby Thompson